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How to play with your friends?

Well, I assume that we all know what it is and how it works. I spent hours and hours  playing it, sometimes with my friends but I never meet them on the “playing field”….

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Any speed script for

A lot of people asked me these days about an script that will allow them to have more speed while playing Well, my methods are pretty white hat if I can say so,…

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Play With US Flag as Cell Background

I’m sure that you alraedy saw a lot of people on that have custom cell backgrounds like their countries flag. Well, you can do this too. If you want to play with the…

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Play Agar With Custom Cell Background

We saw that supports custom backgrounds aka skins as “france”, “usa”, “romania” and the list can continue. The full list with skins can be found on our blog. But what about custom cell…

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How to report an user on

I was wondering if there is any way to report an user on Not because he play better than me, but I see a lot of users that have indecent usernames and I really…

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How to chose a good username on

Chosing a good username on any game is a hard task for the most of us. For I saw a lot of usernames and strategies based on them. For example, I saw a lot…


How to run faster on

No, this isn’t an agar cheat so if you are looking or an agar cheat, this isn’t what you are looking for. This is just a strategy. So, let’s say that you are on agar…

agario-skins :: how to use your country flag?

I saw that a lot of people want to play using their country flag as a cell profile. That’s cool, I like to see people that are proud with their countries. I’m not so…

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May harm your computer?

I just had a small talk with a friend from Canada about game. He’s a great fan of this game but also it’s a bit paranoic when is about the security of his computer….