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Are there any working bots for :

I saw a lot of websites that claim that they have agar bots for downlaod and they force you to complete surveys and all kind of offers. Of course, after completing them, you get nothing or you get an archive protected by a password and to get that password you need to complete another survey 🙂

I have some javascript knowledges (but I’m not a pro) and I studied a bit the way how is made and I saw no way do develop a botfor


agarbotThere is right now no possibility for any proper cheats, because movement and other actions are done on serverside. You might teleport your cell somewhere, but you wouldn’t change the position on serverside; and others will see your actual position.

That means there can be a bot which will control your movement to avoid other players and a view distance enhancer (higher view distance). But anyway, this is just my opinion and I would really like to know if there is any bot that is really working.

Update July: if you are here looking for an bot to give you some extra facilites, you should check the keyboard movement mod.

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  1. I just downloaded the javascript code from sidebar.
    I can’t make it working on Google Chrome. Can you help me a bit?

  2. Hello Diana,
    I would like to help you. Drop me a pm or something.

  3. Solved. Is working like a charm 😀
    Thank you a lot IUL!

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