:: how to use your country flag?

I saw that a lot of people want to play using their country flag as a cell profile. That’s cool, I like to see people that are proud with their countries. I’m not so lucky 🙂

So, last days I posted an article about agar skins. If you go there, you will find the skins that are avilable right now.

argentina, australia, austria, ayy lmao, bait, bangladesh, belarus, belgium, bosnia, botswana, brazil, bulgaria, byzantium, cambodia, canada, chile, china, cia, confederate, croatia, denmark, doge, ea, earth, estonia, european union, facepunch, feminism, finland, france, french kingdom :: check the full list with agario skins

Now, how to use a country flag on

Simple as 123. Just enter in the game with the country nick name. For example, if you are from Canada and will like to play agar with Canada’s flag, just chose canada nickname (with lowercase).

Enjoy and don’t never stop eating cells 😀


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  1. minecraft

  2. hola amigo

  3. Where Kazakhstan flag?

  4. heey so goos , bu we need morocco flag so please add it 😉

  5. Moldova is missing

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