How create to a game like

I saw a lot of topics on some webmaster forums that I follow about script / clone or simply “how to create a game like”. Well, if you already asked how to create a game like agar, I’m sure that you won’t be able to create it right now because this kind of game, needs a lot of programming knowledge.

A few points about creating such a game:

  • Learn Javascript. You can find a lot of tutorials or book on Google.
  • Learn NodeJS. NodeJS is a Javascript Framework for server side that would be perfect for creating a game like

If you are willing to start learning programming just to create a game like, I wish you good luck (you’ll need) but not last, put your brain at work and try to find something new.

The creator of had a brilliant idea. You can steal it but now is too late 🙂

But hey, his succes can motivate you to think on something else even better than 🙂

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  1. how do you make it

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