How to chose a good username on

Chosing a good username on any game is a hard task for the most of us.

For I saw a lot of usernames and strategies based on them. For example, I saw a lot of users with usernames like “your mom”, “don’t eat me”, “your little sister” or “big black D**K”. I guess they were just hopping that the others won’t eat them just because their usernames 🙂

That isn’t happening 🙂

I don’t have any reason to don’t elimiate a jerk that is playing with a username like “big black d**k”, lol.

A good username on should be a username that represents you. For example I play often with username redhat (I was inloved of that linux distribution a hunderd of years ago). Also, when I want to promote this page I user 😀

So, people, stop using stupid usernames. Use your own name or nickname.

No more please “don’t eat me” or  “I’m a little rabbit” on Agar 🙂

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