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I was wondering if there is any way to report an user on Not because he play better than me, but I see a lot of users that have indecent usernames and I really don’t like that.

You can take a look on our tutorial about how to chose a username on

Regarding the reports, sending email to administrators isn’t an option. I guess they get hundreds of emails daily and I don’t think that they have the time to reply to reports.

It would be a good ideea to forbid some words. Ding 🙂

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  1. hi my daughter is only 10 and she came to saying mom there is a really bad skin on and when i came up and saw it there was a lady putting her hand on her crotch and her boobs were showing really bed so i would like if you would take that person off and band him/her please and thank you

  2. I think there is a bot problem, I see tons of players spawning and all traveling up to the top right corner where another player is waiting and just getting bigger and bigger.

  3. there is a person named go green he is seperating himself then pushing you on to the enemy so you would get eaten not him.

  4. i just recorded a 22 minute screen video of a FFA server i was playing in. i kept getting eaten by chinese-named teamers and im like what the heck somethings up here, so i spectated. the teams took up every space on the leaderboard, and were only occasionally antiteamed (the code that zeach put in) despite repeatedly violating every single antiteam trigger. i say that being flagged for teaming should mean 50x natural mass loss with reduction all the way to 10 mass before unflagging. but thats just me. i stopped the video and then joined in with the name “ANTI-TEAM CODE?” i got to third on the leaderboard in the 7 minute run, partially because of oppressed players trying to help me, with a highest mass of 7298. but even at that usually-astronomical size (a normal game is near 3500) i was no match for the 30,000+ total mass individual teamers all working together, totaling around 300,000 total team mass if i had to hazard a guess… my question is WHYYYY are they able to get that big ever? the only acceptable answer is that they hacked the server, which is still massively uncool but not zeachs fault. i really dont mind occasionally being falsely positived by the code, AS LONG AS IT DOES ITS JOB… the punishment needs to be waaaaaay steeper than it currently is, and much more persistent (some 15,000 mass players would get antiteamed and then be inexplicably unflagged without any change in their behavior…?)

    besides hacking, theres no excuse for what i recorded today

  5. Ba mie imi place dar cand joc peste o ora se schimba servaru am facut 16875 de puncte si apoi mi sa dat alt servar si nu lam mai gasit pe acela pe care jucam :((((((((((((((((

  6. I don’t like the “guild” on, they the game. I was play in experimental mod and was a guild there, they control the server… The game have 4 mods, free for all (ffa), experimental, teams and party, and why the guilds are playing in this mod? Because the game have a mod specific for party,teams, guild and this sh.t. Please I want them and I can’t report nothing. The guilds as “WL”, “red”,”son” and others milions guilds are do the shower like a sh.t. I love this game and I hope they fix this big problem.

    Please forgive the words…

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