May harm your computer?

I just had a small talk with a friend from Canada about game. He’s a great fan of this game but also it’s a bit paranoic when is about the security of his computer.

He asked me that if game may harm your computer running malwared or different stuffs in background for doing different tasks (I won’t detail here what can be done, just check on google if you want to read more).

Well. tehnically can be done. With some asm knowledge you can do stuffs that even the best antiviruses won’t detect them and trust me, I did stuffs that stayed undetected more than 5 months. For educational purposes, of course 🙂

As about game is clean for the moment and I have all the reasons in the world to belive that it will remain clean. This game have an incredible success an this is just the begining until the developer/s will get people to invest in so they have no reason to risk ruining it.

So, keep calm and play It’s safe 🙂

PS. Pay attention to agar cheats that needs to be installed on your pc or browser. If your antivirus tell you that contain malicious code, then there are 99% chances to be real 😉

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