Play with your friend [tutorial 2]

Hello fans! I hope you all are ok and still enjoy 🙂

As all you know,  in the player selects a region and  is assigned to a server (e.g. USA West, Europe or China…) in order to play game. Then the player is randomly assigned into one of rooms in that server having different players. So the chance that if 2 people that are connecting in the same time to be on the same server is pretty low…

PS. Part 1 is here.

If you wish playing with your friends? In same playground? Are you dreaming to compete with your real friends so bad? I got a good news, THIS IS POSSIBLE! 🙂

What you have to do is very simple, just follow these instructions:

  1. Install TamperMonkey (for Chrome) or GreaseMonkey (for Firefox or Safari) to your web browser. (Don’t worry, there are no sorveys and both are official addons)/
  2. Click here and download the script automatically from AgarMods web site (Don’t be afraid, it is 100% safe).
  3. Press the INSTALL button From the first page.
  4. Go to and do the next 2 steps.
  5. Copy your IP info (see image below) and tell your friends to paste it into IP field (again see image below)
  6. All is that, have fun!

Tip: You can find your buddies in the room easier if you agree to meet a specific corner before.

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