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In this post I will teach you how to remove the ads from game, but first of all I would like to think a twice and understand why you shouldn’t do this 🙂 is a free game. The developers put some ads there that don’t disturb you and your game experience. No pop-ups, malware and other stuffs that people associate with the ads. From my point of view, playing with the ads is just a way to say “thank you” for those people that are working on this great game.


If you still want to remove the ads from, all you need to do is to install ad block. You can download adblock from here. This will remove the ads from all websites, and yeah, from youtube videos too. You have a few options there to allow the ads from some websites if you want.


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  1. Cassidy PInkowski | December 17, 2015 at 12:51 am |

    Sometimes ads come up about winning a free Iphone or Ipad or something, are those real or fake and trying to get information out of you?

  2. I’ve installed adblock.. but the ads keep coming up.. and they block the play button so i’ve to restart every single time i’m dying. And it pisses me off..

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