When and why to eject mass on agar.io?

I meet a lot of people that know about ejecting mass agar.io feature but don’t know how and when is the moment to use it. That’s sad, because eject mass is one of the best feature that agar.io have at this moment (and I really hope that in a few months there will be more of them).

Regarding the utility of eject mass I found 2 situation when this feature can be used:

  1. eject-mass-agar.io

    When a player is moving near a green cell. You just put your pointer on that green cell and press “W”. You will eject some mass to the green cell until will split and hit that player. Once hit, the player will split on a lot of small pieces and you can just eat it 🙂

  2. When you are trying to eat player and he is running form you. Just eject some mass on it to make it slower but take care to don’t make him bigger than you.


I know that my description for eject mass wasn’t too convincing but you will see it’s power once you start to use it, so enjoy 🙂

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