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I would really like to see a steam version of If you don’t know what it is, well, is  popular browser game where you and all the other players are cells and you must eat cells smaller than you and avoid the ones larger than you.

If you are curious, the game is available to play at

The developers are planning on expanding the game and to add more game modes, a skin editor, even account stats, and many other features not available in the web version. I also hope that they will have better servers 🙂

FAQ ( steam version):

Q: Is it going to be free to play?
A: Yes

Q: How is it going to be monetized?
A: We’ll at first they will try to monetize it only with cosmetics. If it isn’t enough to pay the bills, they might look into other options that do not affect gameplay. (Renting private servers to players, etc.)

Of course they are plenty of ways that could be monetized, the single thing that I hope is that they won’t put there pop ups and all kind of agresive and disturbing stuffs.


Also, I hope they won’t ever sell benefits (on game) with real money because they will lose the main part of the agar fans 🙂

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