3 Agar.io Tips That Will Make You The Best Agar.io Player

Agario Tip #1: Use Edges And Corners To Your Advantage

Agario has edges. Pushing your opponent towards those can help you get ahead. Agar.io

The Agario game space does have its limits and if you know where those are you can use them to trap or corner your opponent. If you corner a smaller blob into the edge of the game, you’ll be able to easily absorb him because he’ll have nowhere to run.


Agario Tip #2: Use Viruses To Split Opponents

Viruses, as we mentioned above, have the power to split a larger blob into tiny pieces if it’s been fed. If you have an opponent you are trying to take down, feeding a virus could be helpful. Just shoot by pressing the “w” key 7 times in the direction of the virus and when it encounters the blob you were combatting with it has the potential to cut that fellow down to size.

Agario Tip #3: When Your Huge And Hunting, It’s A Good Idea To Split

As mentioned early on, the bigger you are, the slower you move. If you are on the prowl for blobs and have grown pretty large in size, it’s a good strategy to divide yourself in order to travel faster and absorb smaller blobs nearby.

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