A-Guide-io. An Agar.io guide by recent Agar.io player, Mindlesssavage

Hello, wonderful people of the Agar.io subreddit. I’m sure you were just scrolling around and found this, and if you’re reading this, thanks for wasting your time to do so. This post will have everything you’ll ever need to know to brag about play Agar.io, plus other weird things you definitely DON’T need to know to play Agar.io. So name your cell, grab some pellets, and jump into this virus we call…

Playing The Game

Everyone knows that before you play a game you’ve got to know how to play it first. That’s why we have this chapter. Choose a name (some names trigger skins. see Skins), a Server (see the little rounded rectangle under the play button? choose a server there.) and a gamemode (see Gamemodes) Let’s say you picked FFA. FFA stands for Free For All. That means you get to play solo. Every man for himself. You will be a random colour (colours are red, dark blue, cyan, teal, light green, fluro, tan, navy, yellow and many more.) with a darker outline. and you will be spawned in a random place on the map. Your tiny cell will start off with 10 mass. Move your mouse around to move your cell. Start off eating pellets to gain mass. Which brings us to…



Pellets are tiny polygons that you usually start off eating. Most of them are either circles, pentagons, hexagons and octagons. They can be many colours, as they have the same colour range of Agar.io cells. They are worth 1 mass usually.

Anyways, enemy cells will start trying to eat you rather quickly. If you die, don’t worry, you can always restart. However, if you are bigger than them, you can eat them! This will give you more mass, allowing you to eat more people, and so on. You might even get on the Leaderboard (see Leaderboard)! You can count your mass using the Show Mass option (see Settings) as well. Unfortunately, as you grow, you will become slower and slower. So what can you do to wear off that extra weight? You have 2 options.

Option 1: Pressing Space

Pressing Space will literally split you in half, causing you to become 2 smaller versions of yourself, whom you can control at the same time. Both of these cells with be faster than your past self, allowing you to grasp other cells quickly. However, it comes with a price: doing so will make you smaller and more vulnerable. But don’t worry, after a while you will reform. Space is also used to get others who are smaller than you. Simply point your mouse at the smaller cell and press Space. One of your halves will propel itself at the target and engulf it. But be very careful about you and your targets size plus your aiming. You could miss, be the same size as the target accidentally, be too far away, or even worse, be smaller than the target and be half engulfed! It’s also used to get away from a cell about to engulf you. You can propel one half away while the other half gets engulfed instead. However, you CANNOT split if you’re too small.

Option 2: W

Pressing W is another option. Pressing W will rip off a tiny, 10 mass cell bit with no name. You cannot move it, but you can eat it again. Ejecting like this allows you to be more precise with your separation instead of simply splitting in half. However, it takes a much longer time as you need to spam W many times. It can also be used for teams (not to be confused with the gamemode. see Teams.). Say you and your friend are travelling next to each other. You can eject mass at your friend by pointing and shooting.


The chunks will fly off into your friend, forcing them to eat it and become bigger. It’s a much safer way than suiciding into someone completely. It can also be used in a more complicated way using viruses (see Viruses). Get a bigger person than you. Get you and them on different sides of a virus. Eject mass into the virus using W. It will become bigger and bigger until eventually it will split in half and half of it will fly towards the person, forcing them to engulf it, kind of like pressing space. The outcome is interesting. However, like Space, you cannot W if you’re too small.

I bet you’re really eager to know about Viruses. I know you are. So here’s a small part about Viruses.


Along your trip throughout Agar.io you will notice green spiky things (which you can turn colourless using the Colourless Viruses option. see Settings). Don’t be afraid to touch them. You can hide inside them! This will be helpful when you’re being chased by a bigger cell. However, you must make sure that the cell that’s chasing you will not be able to fit inside. If he can, he will come in with you and eat you from INSIDE THE VIRUS. But what happens if someone eats a virus? As you may recall, I said that if someone eats a virus it will have an interesting outcome. If they eat a virus…kaboom. They explode. They turn into tiny little 10-mass cells which you can gobble on. If you’re big enough, your main cell will be bigger than all your tiny alternate cells surrounding you. Don’t worry, you can reform!

agar.io viruse

I think that’s all you really need to know about the basic gameplay of Agar.io. But there’s more gamemodes than just FFA. There’s 3 more!


Look at the top right corner of the Agar.io menu. There should be a rounded rectangle saying FFA with 2 arrows. Click on it. Now select your gamemode!

Gamemode 2: Teams

Teams is the 2nd gamemode in Agar.io. It has teams (YOU DON’T SAY?). There are 3 teams: red, blue, and green. You will randomly be selected for one of them. Try to eat the 2 colours that you aren’t and side with the ones you are. There will be a multicoloured pie chart replacing the Leaderboard (see Leaderboard.) which shows who is winning. The only downside to this gamemode is that you can’t use Skins (see Skins.).

Gamemode 3: Experimental

Experimental is a bit of a mystery. It’s where the developers do all their experiments. (YOU DON’T SAY?) There are red viruses. Go inside them and you will die and be spewed out as pellets. Not much is known about them except for that.

Gamemode 4: Party

Party was meant to be a gamemode for private servers with your friends but it’s really crap and don’t play it. Just use the Agariomods private servers.

OK, I guess you really wanna know about the settings in the game.


Agario Settings

Agario SettingsLet’s assume you haven’t downloaded Agariomods yet. You should have the following checkboxes.

No Skins (see Skins.) allows you to not see cell skins, just colours.

No Names will make you not see names (YOU DON’T SAY?).

No Colours…well, you can guess.

Show Mass allows your mass to be seen. (YOU DON’T SAY?)

Dark theme makes everything black. (YOU DON’T SAY?)

Then there’s Agariomods settings. These include…

Skip Stats, which allows you to skip statistics (see Statistics.) at the end of the game (YOU DON’T SAY?)

Acid. Just try it. (not in real life though)

Show Chart shows a chart. (YOU DON’T SAY?)

Colourless Viruses…yeah.

No Custom SKins…yeah.

Show Teamed Mass shows teamed mass. (youdontsay)

Maximize View…yep.

Ogar Chat Enabled. I actually have no idea what this is. It doesn’t seem to do anything for me.

Set Background allows you to pick a picture for the background to be.

Set Client Skin…?


Leaderboard & Statistics

The leaderboard can be seen in the top right corner of your game screen. It has 10 spots, 1 being the biggest cell and 10 being the smallest, though still being the 10th biggest cell. If you’re on the leaderboard, your name will be red on there. If you’re using an Imgur skin, it will appear as the name you typed in for the Imgur image. In the bottom right is a Benchmark (possibly only if you download Agariomods) and in the bottom left there’s a score. Once you die, you will be shown statistics. (NOTE: Some may only appear with Agariomods.) On the left, less complicated versions of the stuff on the right. It shows how much food you ate, your highest mass, your time alive, your leaderboard time, your amount of cells eaten, a smiley face/frowny face depending if you got on the top of the leaderboard or not, a pie chart on which stuff you ate, a record of what number you placed on the leaderboard, your gains and your losses.


agario-skinsThese are the names of all the trigger skins in normal Agar.io.

  • 2ch.hk
  • 4chan
  • 8ch
  • 9gag
  • ayy lmao
  • bait
  • cia
  • doge
  • ea
  • earth
  • hitler
  • facepunch
  • mars
  • matriarchy
  • moon
  • nasa
  • nazi
  • origin
  • patriarchy
  • pewdiepie
  • piccolo
  • facebook
  • pokerface
  • prodota
  • reddit
  • sanik
  • satanist
  • sir
  • steam
  • feminism
  • stussy
  • tumblr
  • vinesauce
  • wojak
  • yaranaika
  • merkel
  • tsipras
  • putin
  • obama
  • hollande
  • dilma
  • kim jong-un

There is also a skin for every place in the world with a flag for it. Type in the places name and you’re good to go! Agariomods adds a lot more. Since there’s so many, you can check them all out here.

There’s also Imgur skins. You need Agariomods for them. First, get and image and upload it to Imgur. Second, get the code. (for example, dE68hEt.) (you can actually use that. do it now. NOW.) Third, name yourself that code. But you have to put ‘i/’ without the quotes in front of it. You should get a cell with that image on it.

You can download Agariomods in the Chrome Web Store. It’s the evergreen one.

I think that’s everything you need to know to play Agar.io. I really hope that…

  1. You enjoyed.
  2. You’ll use this information for your next Agar.io playthrough.
  3. This will get me a rainbow flair.

I really do hope you liked this information report on Agar.io.

I’ll see you next time.

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