blocked in your work/school

I read a lot of comments that was blocked on some schools or work offices. Huh, someone wants you to be more productive, right?

I tried to find more informations about this and I found a post on reddit:

So, what to do if is blocked on your school or office network?


It’s much harder to block it. But the game might have a slightly increased latency (because the connection needs to have its TLS terminated before being handed to the game server), so avoid using https unless necessary.

Not all servers support https yet so it might take a bit longer to connect.

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  1. One quick question: can be blocked by my ISP?
    What would be the reason to ban a game like his?

  2. I don’t think that a ISP would ban a game like
    I think your IP got banned or maybe your network administrator restricted the acces to

    Where can’t you acces it from? Work? School? Cafe?
    I heard about a Cafe from France if I remember right that restricted the acces to

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