2 ways to get rid of LAG in Agar.io

Agar.io is a great game, we all know that. I play it 2 – 3 hours / day and I don’t ever get bored. Well, sometimes I get pissed off when I get eated by invisible cells or I see people that are moving that they are using agar.io cheats.

Anyway, one more anoying problem in agar.io is the lag. It’s very frustating to see that this game is laggy when you are playing it and maybe trying to eat a cell or something.

Sometimes you can experience the agar.io lag when you are conencting.

agar.io-lagWhat to do do avoid agar.io lag?

Well, sometimes the problem is from you and sometimes the problem is from their servers. Anyway, you can try these:

  1. Put your antivirus or your firewall off. Sometimes, they block applications like agar.io.
  2. Close whatever you are downloading in background. I don’t know. maybe you are using uTorrent or something to download a movie. That is the main cause of agar.io lag at least on my case.

As you probably already know, Agario is an incredibly popular game and during periods of high traffic, where everyone is trying to access the site at the same time, you may experience some lag or the site will go offline. As the game continues to grow, the developer may decide to invest in better servers in order to decrease lag. Definitely look forward to that too when you get troubles on connecting on agar.io or the game is too laggy.

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