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I’m sure that you saw that agario players with personalized skins, right? Well, they aren’t gods, moderators or anything like that, they are players like you and me that are using some special skins for

I will share them with you and I recommed you to stay close because there will be a lot of updates with new agar skins. Let’s start: skins in alphabetical order:, 4chan, 8ch, 9gag, argentina, australia, austria, ayy lmao, bait, bangladesh, belarus, belgium, bosnia, botswana, brazil, bulgaria, byzantium, cambodia, canada, chile, china, cia, confederate, croatia, denmark, doge, ea, earth, estonia, european union, facepunch, feminism, finland, france, french kingdom, german empire, germany, greece, hitler, hong kong, hungary, imperial japan, india, indiana, indonesia, iran, iraq, ireland, isis, italy, jamaica, japan, kc, latvia, lithuania, luxembourg, maldivas, mars, matriarchy, mexico, moon, nasa, nazi, netherlands, nigeria, north korea, norway, origin, pakistan, patriarchy, peru, pewdiepie, piccolo, pokerface, poland, portugal, prodota, prussia, qing dynasty, quebec, reddit, romania, russia, sanik, satanist, scotland, sealand, sir, south korea, spain, somalia, stalin, steam, stussy, sweden, switzerland, taiwan, texas, thailand, tsarist russia, tumblr, turkey, ukraine, united kingdom, usa, ussr, vinesauce, wojak, yaranaika

Agar skins order in which skins were added:

poland, usa, china, russia, canada, australia, spain, brazil, germany, ukraine, france, sweden, hitler, north korea, south korea, japan, united kingdom, earth, greece, latvia, lithuania, estonia, finland, norway, cia, maldivas, austria, nigeria, reddit, yaranaika, confederate, 9gag, indiana, 4chan, italy, ussr, pewdiepie, bulgaria, tumblr,, hong kong, portugal, jamaica, german empire, mexico, sanik, switzerland, croatia, chile, indonesia, bangladesh, thailand, iran, iraq, peru, moon, botswana, bosnia, netherlands, european union, taiwan, pakistan, hungary, satanist, qing dynasty, nazi, matriarchy, patriarchy, feminism, ireland, texas, facepunch, prodota, cambodia, steam, piccolo, ea, india, kc, denmark, quebec, ayy lmao, sealand, bait, tsarist russia, origin, vinesauce, stalin, belgium, luxembourg, stussy, prussia, 8ch, argentina, scotland, sir, romania, belarus, wojak, isis, doge.

How to use an skin?

To apply a one of these skins all you need to do is to use the name of the skin as your username. For example, you can be: estonia, greece, united kingdom or maybe jamaica (huh, they have hot girls there 😀 ).


Update 1:

There are few skins added last days: nasa, byzantium, imperial japan, french kingdom, somalia, turkey, mars, pokerface. Nasa is a nice one :d


10 Comments on "Skins for game"

  1. DavidChaos | June 11, 2015 at 5:01 am |

    I would like to inform you to add another flag called “Malaysia” because a lot of people was wanting to see the flags of it but it wasn’t released.

  2. Polish flag is up side down. Please correct this!!!!

  3. Maisie Sargeant | September 1, 2015 at 11:52 am |

    Ok I think there should be more choices

  4. Why not have a flag of Kazakhstan. I’m sorry but Kazakhstan is the 9th largest for those areas of the world.

  5. There needs to be an Israel one.

  6. Where is Israel?? Please add you anti semic

  7. armenian flag plz

  8. shota gujabidze | October 15, 2015 at 2:37 pm |

    please add Georgia’s country flag in skins, we Georgian fans would be glad to use a skin with our flag

  9. Where is Albania flag ????

  10. Djellab Amine | July 24, 2016 at 3:43 pm |

    Please. algeria flag

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