What to do first time when you start agar.io?

I talked with a lot of people about agar.io game. Each of them have their own strategy more or less efficient. One of them are taking lame nicknames as “don’t eat me”, “I’m a little rabit” or “please feed me”. By the way, we have an article about good practices on choosing an agar.io username.

Other are just walking on the game table trying to avoid being eaten by bigger players but none of them have a strategy and some rules that they follow. I know that agar.io is just fun game that is meant to bring you fun, but let’s do it right guys 🙂

Some of my few rules:

  1. Avoid getting split by the green cell.
  2. Use “SPACE” and split to eat other cells.
  3. Avoid the corners.
  4. Use the power of “W” near the “Green Cell”
  5. Don’t get eaten 🙂
  6. If you don’t know what I meant with point 4, well, if you are bigger enough you can push a few of your cells to a green cell.

agar.io split

Why and when you do that? Well, when you see a bigger player near a green cell, is always a good idea to pus cells to that green cell until will split and that bigger player will split in a lot of little cells that you can eat. Make sense? 🙂

PS. As we talked about agar.io strategy, I suggest you to read our article about agar.io best strategies. You will find a lot of stuffs that I’m sure you didin’t knew.

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