How many hours do you play daily?

Hello guys! I was wondering, how much time do you spent daily on

I hope is not just me, but I have days when I spent more than 4 hours playing this silly game 😀

And where do you play? I use to play in the bus (to bad that don’t have yet an official phone version), at home and somethimes when I’m bored even at work.


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  1. Hi guy!
    On Mondays usually I start at 22:00 and i finish it some thing around 9:00 of morning!
    I’m so addicted and my record is 19000

  2. Omg. You are really addicted mate :))
    Nice record. You should take a printscreen when you’ll beat it 😀

  3. DatCheeseBurger | September 13, 2015 at 10:35 am |

    I only play 6 hours a day but my record is 36000

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