Stop LAG

Do you have lag on too? Well, let’s see what can be done:

  1. Check your internet conection. You may have some problems with your connection (maybe some programs running on background or something).
  2. Close uTorrent, BitTorrent or other client that you are running right now or anything else that is downloading on your background. That should help you to remove the lag on game.

Downloading stuffs in background is the main cause of lag in At least right now, their servers are great and the game is well optimized to support a lot of players online on the same time, so in the most cases, you are the problem not!

Also using a modern browser could improve a bit your experience with I’m using Mozila Firefox (link) and sometimes Chrome (link). Both are just great and is running like a charm on them.

I need to admit that I was afraid to test it with Internet Explorer 🙂

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